About Camp

are always an important feature at SuperSpirit, and there are plenty of opportunities for performance and impromptu music sessions throughout the camp. Much of the dance will be accompanied by live music, and you are welcome to bring along your acoustic instruments and voices and join in. There is also an ongoing singers and musicians forum, with opportunities for performance in the evenings.

OUR SPIRIT AREA workshop leaders come from a wide spectrum of spiritual traditions and we will be exploring subjects such as shamanic journeying, paganism, goddess traditions, celtic christianity, Krishna consciousness, joy, bliss, eco- spirituality, meditation, chanting and prayer. Many of the groups have small temples in the Spirit Circle, with workshops and ceremony each day. Over the course of the camp we will be looking at how to honour our unity and diversity, and build a sense of community.

MORNING MEETING, at 10 am most days really is the hub of the camp. Here you’ll find out about talks, workshops and entertainment happening that day and it’s also a great way to get the pulse of the camp and find out any latest news. We can’t stress how important the morning meetings are if you want to get the most out of the camp. After the meeting, the blackboard with that day’s programme will be put in the cafe so you can remind yourself of what’s happening.

THE HEALING AREA, situated in a tranquil and beautiful corner of the field, is a peaceful space in which to learn more about  alternative and shamanic approaches to health, relax and be nurtured. There are also opportunities to sample the many techniques on offer from our qualified practitioners.

“As ever,the most wonderful experience, every camp I take something new away with me. A gathering of extremely special, talented people, I thank you for all that you do to make it so magical”

THE CRAFT AREA offers a diverse and stimulating range of workshops, and is a creative and  grounding force in the camp. Our wonderfully talented facilitators will guide you in a wide range of workshops, where you can learn in an atmosphere of busy creativity, and take home creations to treasure.

 "There is such a richness of spirit, such a wealth of friendship,   such a cauldron of joy and creativity. The energy flows in abundance!